Cleaning Instructions

Keeping Your Teeth and Braces Clean

It is your job to keep your teeth and braces spotlessly clean!

If you have a problem with your braces refer to the following descriptions so you can accurately explain the problem when you call our office.

Problem: Loose Band or Bracket

Solution: The seal created by the cement (glue) has been broken. Call our office and schedule an appointment. If band or bracket detaches from wire, save it and bring it with you to your next appointment.

Problem: Broken archwire or headgear, lost ligature or hook

Solution: These problems could cause the teeth to shift in the wrong direction and must be corrected as soon as possible. Call our office and schedule and appointment.

Problem: Sticker

Solution: That’s the term for a wire that sticks out and causes irritation. Try tucking it in with the eraser part of a pencil. If that doesn’t work, dry it with a napkin and place wax over the wire to prevent further sticking.

Problem: Soreness

Solution: Soreness To relieve soreness, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and or/take Advil or Tylenol as directed.


The attachment bonded to the tooth or welded to the band.


A large removable wire that fits around the arch into the bracket slots.

Elastic Ligature

Plastic Ring that ties archwire into bracket or Ligature Wire – Tiny wire that ties archwire into bracket.


Used to attach elastics (rubber bands)


A ring of metal with the bracket attached that is blued onto the tooth.