Braces for Adults

Quite frequently we have parents of our younger patients ask if they themselves are too old for braces.

The answer is always NO!

There are several different scenarios that we see with adults and their teeth. Often it’s someone that had braces as a teenager, but their teeth have shifted slightly and they are no longer happy with their smile.

Unfortunately, teeth have a tendency to shift as we get older. Depending on the severity of the shifting, this problem is usually easily corrected with a clear removable appliance (clear braces).

In more extreme cases, like teeth that are worn down due to grinding, or a missing tooth that has allowed the other teeth to shift into its place, orthodontics is often required to place the teeth into their original position before a general dentist restores the teeth to their original size and shape. This is called pre-prosthetic orthodontics. We work closely with your dentist to determine which teeth will need to be restored or replaced and then move your teeth to a better position to facilitate the restorative process.