Lori Hand, Office Manager

I’ve been working in an Orthodontic office since 1998, and working with Dr. Steve Spurrier as his office manager since February 2000.

Steve and I are two peas in a pod. Patient care is our #1 priority. Our office is pretty much home away from home. And we get to be one big happy family here during the patient’s treatment time. Some of our patients have became my closest friends and I cherish every one of them. In any contest, our patients, doctor, and staff would win hands down!!!

In my spare time I enjoy my family, junk T.V. And family with junk T.V. My gym time with my sweaty besties and any girls night I get invited too.


Brett Brown, Orthodontic Assistant

I’ve been working for Dr. Spurrier since August 2005. It’s a great working environment and I’ve learned so much over the years. Our patients are amazing! I enjoy getting to know them and being able to form friendships.

Our staff sincerely looks forward to seeing all the wonderful families who come in each day. Dr. Spurrier has worked hard to create a caring and fun environment, which really shows when you come into our office. We all get along so well as a staff, we might even have too much fun sometimes!

In my spare time I like to be with my family and friends. I love Dirty Diet Coke’s from Swig, taking road trips and hanging out at home to watch my favorite TV shows.


Ashli Spurrier, Orthodontic Assistant

I have been at Spurrier Orthodontics since I graduated High School in 2006.  I love being able to work with my dad.  I feel very privileged that I work here and work with him.

Most people think it would be hard working for a parent, but I love it. We have a great environment here and our wonderful patients are a huge part of that. They are so easy going, great to talk to, treat you like a friend, and are wonderful at doing their part to take care of their teeth.

I graduated from Olympus High School and have been attending the University of Utah since the fall of 2006. I am now a senior at the U of U and will be graduating next year with a major in European History and a minor in French. History is my passion and I would love to someday be on the History Channel. I would also love to travel the world.